2020 Northern Workforce Survey

2020 Northern Workforce Survey

What is this survey about?

The survey identifies in-demand and difficult-to-recruit occupations, as well as recruitment and retention challenges in the north. The data from the survey results informs NADC bursary programs. The bursary programs support workforce development in the NADC region. The survey supports the NADC goal of having a skilled, educated, local workforce in the north.

Why is this survey being conducted?

Identifying in-demand and difficult-to-recruit occupations from businesses and organizations within the NADC region will support the bursary selection committee in awarding bursary dollars. Educational programs associated with high-demand and difficult-to-recruit occupations are given points based on survey results. The occupations that are in-demand and difficult-to-recruit may change over time and the scoring needs to reflect such changes. Identifying recruitment and retention challenges may help inform return service rates on bursaries and may aid northern employers in their hiring and retention strategies.

Who should respond to the survey?

Questions are targeted to individuals responsible for recruiting and hiring of staff. The goal is to have business owners or human resources professionals in northern businesses and organizations respond to the survey.

Is the survey anonymous?

The results will be reported in aggregate form only, and cannot be identified individually.

When is the survey going to be launched?

The survey will be launched February 5, 2020. Respondents will have three weeks to complete the survey. The survey will be closed on February 26, 2020.

How will respondents access the survey?

The northern workforce survey is online. The survey link will be emailed to select businesses and organizations within the NADC region. The survey is legitimate and participation is encouraged! The survey takes a few minutes to complete.


Questions about this survey can be directed to the following NADC staff. Call or click the link below to email:



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